For more than 200 years old building from the past venerable combines modern comfort and elegance.

The first Hungarian queen named after Gizella Hotel is situated in the *** and Restaurant Veszprem historical part of the castle at the base, where the city’s historic core and the natural beauty of the magnificent wonders of St. Benedict Hill, at the foot trickling Sed Creek and Castle meet. The hotel is located in the territory of a precinct has the Árpád age-existing St. Catherine, the name of that city was part of the convent was founded in 1240.

The building walls using an earlier baroque house built in the late 18th century, the chapter estate management, where the 1830s itself a “Wise Man”, Ferenc Deak is a frequent guest at-law, who was governor of the bishopric goods. In 1945, it ceased to previous function of the building and a school was rebuilt.

Next to the hotel staircase leads up to the siege of the castle’s ancient and intimate streets, with a beautiful panorama. The picturesque bank of the brook and the downtown area is ideal for walks in Veszprem offers to travelers.

We recommend this setting for all those who love to replenish the natural beauty and historic values ​​experience.

We welcome our guests!