We have got all in all 28 rooms (22 in the main building and 6 in the guest-house).

In the main building all rooms are doubles, the beds can be pulled apart or they can be pushed together.

All double rooms have the same features (TV, telefon, minibar, free wireless internet). The only difference between the rooms is in their size because the hotel is a historical building.

There are 7 superior and 1 family room (1. floor – spacious, vaulted rooms), 10 standard (2. floor – smaller rooms with the building’s original girderage), 4 attic room (3. floor) at the main building, and there are 2 superior rooms and 4 family rooms at our guest-house.

There is a lift in the main building but it rans only to the second floor. The third floor is available by stairs.

As a single room:

22.600,- HUF/ night/ superior for 1 person

20.000,- HUF/ night/ standard for 1 person

17.500,- HUF/ night/ attic room for 1 person

As a double room:

27.300,- HUF/ night/ superior room for 2 people

24.800,- HUF/ night/ standard room for 2 people

21.800,- HUF/ night/ attic room for 2 people

Family room:

29.600,- HUF/ night/ room for 1 person

34.700,- HUF/ night/ room for 2-4 people

Abouve mentioned prices are per room and night including breakfast and value added tax.

Children up to the age of 4 get free accomodation in the room of parents, between the age of 4-12 they will be accomodated at a rate of 6.000,- HUF. From the age of 13 the extra bed costs 8.000,-HUF.

Dog supplement: 3.500,-HUF