The queens town’s remarkably gorgeous year-round programs for the visitors.
The active recreation enthusiasts hotel offers a perfect opportunity for Veszprém programs, such as hiking and learning about the city’s historical heritage. In fact, the Gizella Veszprem Hotel in the historic part of town, at the foot of the castle is situated where the city’s historic core and the natural beauty of the magnificent wonders of Mount St. Benedict, at the foot of the castle and trickling creek Sed meet.


Veszprém Cultural programs

A town near Laczko Dezso Museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions each year several festivals, fairs and culinary events and waiting for tourists. A variety of outdoor activities beyond the cinema and the theater may experience.


Veszprém programs for all ages

The spring festival and dance festival every year on a wide range program evokes a good time. The concert and dance performances and competitions cheerful mood and give everlasting experience for all participants and spectators. Family and mesefesztiválunk get the unforgettable moments of your little ones.

Move left in the city!

Our city not only in the past – but this history is itself rightly notes, thanks to a handball team. In addition to international handball festival, we offer a variety of programs organized tour who want some exercise.


Veszprem attractions:
Veszprém zoo:
Veszprem museums:

Adventure Parks:
Balatonfűzfő: Balaton Lake bob leisure time parks:
Sobri Jóska bakonyi Adventure Parks:
Balatonfüredi Annagora Aquapark:
Eplény ski and bike arena:

Herend Porcelain Manufactory:

Balaton-felvidéki National Park (Balatonfüred- Lóczy cave):

Tapolca Lake Cave:

What program opportunities today?

The detailed programs of Veszprém ask our staff who will assist you.