Princely catches – Royal Restaurant Veszprém

Or queen, as the restaurant Veszprém, Hungary’s first king, named after women in our hotel, the Hotel Gisela is located. The restaurant in Veszprém, not only in front of the hotel guests, but is open to everyone who is waiting for a fine catch. Which guests can spend directly below the castle in Veszprém.
Royal dishes that a sin to miss.
Diversified meals in always prepared with fresh ingredients, making the use and sources of supply impeccable qualify for free from additives and ingredients. On our menu we try to offer more specific is included in addition to domestic flavors that satisfy all the diverse tastes and tighter értrendeknek well. Preliminary, meat and vegetarian dishes as well as desserts and a real taste experiences await visitors to the restaurant.

Crown of the meal!

The Gizella Hotel and Restaurant in domestic cellars noble wines, appetizing aperitifs and the most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Drink The bar offers up to 23 hours of fresh draft beer in the spectacular cocktails, a selection of domestic brandies and appropriate to the season cools them, and spiced with hot drinks.

About the restaurant more

The castle is old and intimate streets and squares of stairs leads up to direct the siege, so we are hungry for fresh air and postprandial walk or a popular restaurant. The 70 seat restaurant with a terrace and a unique atmosphere, complete with a gastronomic experience awaits visitors.


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