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Our restaurant named after the first Hungarian queen consort is situated in one of the oldest quarters of Veszprém which already existed in the Árpád period (1000-1031). According to period documents, Ferenc Deák and his brother-in-law Károly Kammermayer frequently visited the building. This more than 200 years old historic building is situated right at the bottom of the Castle. From the terrace of the restaurant and from our event hall, a wanderful panorama opens to the historic values of the city. Just a few steps away, there are siege stairs leading to the ancient streets and squares of the Castle not to be missed by those wishing to take a walk after their meal. Nearby, there are the zoo, the viaduct and the beautiful promenade along the side of the Creek Séd.

Our varied dishes are adjusted to the season, and are made of fresh, quality raw materials.

We await our guests with noble wines of Hungarian wineries, with pálinkas (traditional fruit brandies) and the most popular alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks.

Our dishes, apart from the modern tradition, follow today’s trends, and are made from fresh, quality raw materials. We pay attention to the needs of those arriving with small children and those possibly suffering from food allergies. We await our guests with noble wines of Hungarian wineries, with pálinkas (traditional fruit brandies) and the most popular alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks. Our drink bar offers fresh draft beers, spectacular cocktails, select Hungarian pálinkas as well as seasonal refreshments and spiced hot drinks. We would be glad if you were our guest. We hope this historical site, the food we compose and the great wines will help you have some pleasant hours in this fast-paced world.


Restaurant: 70 persons
Terrace: 40 persons
Event hall: 120 persons


Craftsman’s hamburger with potatoes and coleslaw salad

1.890 Ft

Beef tartare with garden vegetables

2 900 Ft

Classic Caesar salad with chicken breast

1 890 Ft

Grilled smoked goat’s cheese with aubergine paste and mixed salad

2 190 Ft

Goose rillette with purple onion chutney and parsnip purée

2 190 Ft

Chicken soup with vegetables

1 190 Ft

Goulash soup with home-made noodles

1 090 Ft

Creamy French onion soup with cheese crunch

890 Ft

Venison ragout soup with tomatoes, with potato dumplings

1 190 Ft

Pork fillet fried in panko breadcrumbs with fried potatoes and tzatziki

2 490 Ft

Bakony silure paprikash with curd noodles

2 490 Ft

Strips of chicken breast fried in a cheese crust with french salad and yoghurt dressing

2 190 Ft

Salmon fillet with cauliflower and carrot purée served with broccoli

3 490 Ft

Grilled pike-perch with smoked cheese risotto and autumn vegetables

3 190 Ft

Pullet breast fried with duck liver and breaded leg, with purple potatoes and cheese fondue

2 590 Ft

Rosé duck breast with batata, with fried noodles and pak choi

3 890 Ft

Pork tenderloin with breaded marrow, with mashed potatoes with celery, served with tomatoes in yoghurt

2 750 Ft

Bacon with crispy blood sausage, with potato with chives and Bavarian cabbage

2 490 Ft

Chicken Kiev with parsley rice and buttered carrots

2 490 Ft

BBQ spare ribs with spicy potatoes and Palóc salad

2 490 Ft

Steak with mashed potatoes with truffles and Brussels sprouts with bacon

5 590 Ft

Gödöllő chicken breast fillet with pea risotto and dried tomatoes

2 290 Ft

Veal leg goulash stew with egg gnocchi and pickles

2 890 Ft

Wild boar neck with wild mushrooms and shallots, served with potato dumplings

2 990 Ft

Cabbage stuffed with wild boar meat, with pearl barley and grilled sausage

2 490 Ft

AUTUMN Gizella dish for 2 persons

Cordon bleu, bbq spare ribs, steamed rice, fried potatoes, home-made pickles
4 990 Ft

CLASSIC Gizella dish for 2 persons

Duck leg, spare ribs with garlic, cordon bleu made with pullet breast, breaded cheese, fried potatoes, purple cabbage and grilled vegetables)
6 790 Ft

Pappardelle arrabiata with king prawns

2 790 Ft

Home-made curd gnocchi with spinach, with courgettes and mushrooms

2 190 Ft

Vegetable fettuccine with salmon

2 490 Ft

Spaghetti Bolognese

2 190 Ft

Brownie with couscous with blue grapes

990 Ft

Chestnut eclair with blackcurrants

990 Ft

Tiramisu in a cup

890 Ft

Poppy-seed pancakes with plums and vanilla ice-cream

990 Ft

Consommé with pasta and vegetables (GK)

650 Ft

Spaghetti Bolognese (GK)

1 390 Ft

Breaded chicken breast fillet with chips (GK)

1 390 Ft

Tomato salad

600 Ft

Cabbage salad

500 Ft

Cucumber salad

600 Ft

Home-made mixed salad

700 Ft



500 Ft

Large coffee

500 Ft


600 Ft


550 Ft

Irish coffee

990 Ft

Ice coffee

900 Ft

Black tea

450 Ft

Fruit tea

450 Ft

Green tea

450 Ft


400 Ft


70 Ft / dl

Aperol spritz (white wine, aperol, soda)

1 500 Ft

Piña Colada (white rum, cream, coconut syrup, pineapple juice)

1 500 Ft

Mai Tai (white rum, rum, almond syrup, lemonjuice Grenadine, orange juice)

1 800 Ft

Queen Gizella (Dry Champagne, Creme de Cassis)

1 000 Ft

Dreher Classic (0,3 l) – (0,5 l)

450 Ft – 700 Ft

Pilsner Urquelle (0,3 l) – (0,5 l)

550 Ft – 800 Ft

Homemade lemonata (0,1 l)

200 Ft

Coca Cola products (0,25 l)

400 Ft

Ice tea (0,1 l)

200 Ft

Homemade ice tea (0,1 l)

250 Ft

Fruit juices (0,1 l) (sour cherry, apple, peach, pear, grapefruit, tomato, pineapple, orange)

220 Ft

Energy drink (0,25 l)

700 Ft

Opening hours

8200 Veszprém, Jókai M. u. 48.
Monday - Saturday: 11:00 - 22:00Sunday: 11:00 - 15:00

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