The illustrious occasions and events approaching, there have been dreams of living in a picture perfect night. We visualize the site and design the decorations, food and drinks served to feel the taste and smell and advance to remember that the spirits that give the event a guest in perfection.
Unfortunately, these ideas and the initial enthusiasm for the event, organizing the big day approaches, in most cases disappears and it is up to you. In addition to the event as guests of publication and lefixálásán time-consuming and daunting task leszervezni in that place, and put together a menu bar acceptable to all.
But dreams do not have to give up your evening in spite of the difficulties ahead of us, because we have the opportunity to event organization as make use of the services.

Events in Veszprém according to your needs!

The Gizella Hotel and Restaurant is located next to the historic part of town the perfect venue for any event. The 70 seat restaurant and 65 people at the same time, our hotel provides all that you during an event, guests need. The royal food and beverage offer and sumptuously furnished hotel rooms guarantee a good mood of the participants.

A unique event organization Veszprém.

Annual corporate party? Wedding and / or wedding party? Class or meeting friends, or a family event? The Gizella Hotel and Restaurant every eminent and prestigious occasion is a perfect solution as it is able to accommodate up to 150 people in the conference room is also large-scale events of space required to comply.